Merry Christmas Everyone!

I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I know that the sentiment has become much too commercialized, but I think that everyone who reads this forum is part of one big mobile home park family, and knows that we all post for the correct, sincere reasons. Although I know that this holiday is not Thanksgiving, nevertheless I would also like to thank our moderators Jefferson, Brad, Kurt, Rick, Erik and Jim for sharing their knowledge during this past year. And, of course, I’d like to thank my partner Dave for being the greatest mobile home park player to ever walk the earth. So let’s all get a glass of eggnog and go back to looking at mobile home park listings.

And thanks to you as well Frank, for taking the time to answer almost all of these posts and contributing to the betterment of the industry. I can say that the MHP business has changed my life and that of my family. While it is not glamorous and most days I would rather be doing engineering work (my background), it has allowed me to become financially “free” (as the say in the infomercials) - I have been off the wheel for almost 10 years, put 4 kids through college and barring any wordly catastrophe - my retirement is set. So for all of you folks out there just getting going - yes it works if you are patient, persistent, hard working and use lots of common sense (and study all the materials).

Happy New Year.

Bret Yetter