Mental Roof & Siding - Pros & Cons

MHP investing is new to me.  I am currently reviewing this park and very interested.  They are all tenants owned homes but lots of homes have Metal Roof & Metal Siding.  What’s the pros & cons of Shingle Roof/Siding vs Metal Roof/Siding?  Should I not consider it too much since they are all tenants owned homes?  Thanks in advance.

Since they are all Tenant Owned Homes, I would not consider it too much.What I would consider is the overall physical appearance of the outside of the Mobile Homes.Are the Mobile Homes kept up and is there a pride of ownership?We wish you the very best!

Metal on metal is longer lasting and lower maintenance than vinyl/shingle. Any home you don’t own you should not worry about, except as far as appearance.

Got it.  Thank you.