Membership in Manufactured Homes Assoc.

Has anybody found it beneficial to belong to his state

Um, with all due respect, I cannot believe you are asking this question. How else can you possibly stay on top of all the changes in the laws that occur each year? How about the invaluable networking that is specific to your state? Reduced costs for forms? Free (or very low cost) legal advice? Lobbying voice? Etc.

I have joined local landlord associations ever since I became a landlord 25 years ago. EVERY year the cost was more (and sometimes WAY more) than offset by the help I got.

I now belong to the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association. Because of their free legal service, I have saved thousands of dollars in legal advice cost. At local chapter meeting, a member brought something unique to my attention that may be a way to increase my occupancy with the clientele I really want. The cost for all this? $300 per year. If you can think of a better value, please let me know.


Wheat Hill MHC


It’s a great question as any expense should be understood and reviewed. I’ve been a longtime member of the FMHA (Florida) and find the fees well worth the newsletter and advice. We also share the same attorneys and on a number of occasions the FMHA has picked up the bill on a problem that was specific to my parks but also statewide industry worthy.


Mr. Warner,

I thank you very much for your response and always find your posts helpful and interesting. However, I do not have enough background to understand all of the information in your posts. Therefore, my dad makes me read them repeatedly before we discuss them. I have sent in my application with a check to TMHA.

Thank you,