Material Procurement

We have an issue at our MHP in which advice is needed. Here is the situation: We have been living onsite and managing the park and using our truck and flat bed trailer for park business such as to pick up materials and supplies. Now, we are moving to a different state and have hired one of the long term residents to manage the park. What is the best way to handle the continued use of the truck/trailer? We are considering selling both the truck and trailer to the new manager for almost nothing with the understanding that the new manager insure them and maintain them and agree to use them as needed for running the park. The other option would be to transfer the truck and trailer to the park’s LLC and insure them as Park equipment; in this case, we would still maintain them and just let the manager use them as a ladder, computer, or other park owned equipment. Are there other options? What do other owners do?

Sell the truck and trailer on eBay or

Do not ever own equipment. Not even a law mower.

Have all supplies delivered by whomever you hire to do maintenance. Make sure that ‘person’ is in fact a ‘company’ and insured w. workers’ comp.


If you sell the truck to your new manager and that does not work out and/or the manager just decides to sell the equipment and pocket the cash, then you’d have no truck or trailer to get your material. Get a quote from your insurance company to put the equipment onto your policy. Make sure you are covered just in case something happens.