Managment Structure and Cost for my park

I bought a new park not to long ago.

I have about 40 units and 50 storage.

I am firing my manager from the previous owner something I should have done at the sale. I am looking for how people structure their managers.

What should the salary be? for this small of a place I can’t pay for a full time person but, how do I get them to answer calls for storage and mobiles if they have a day job? I was thinking $500 twice a month

Should I throw lot concessions in?

How do you guys handle repair issues?

How do have your maintenance man buy supplies?

  • I was thinking about using a reloadable gift card. That I put money on every couple of days as needed.

The structure I am looking to do is as follows

Two Locked box’s at new managers home.

One box for tenant issues. When someone is having a problem in the park they will write it out using Dave and franks issue sheet. My maintenance man (the husband of the manager) will collect these and have her enter them into rent manager. I will check and ok them every evening. He can get started on them in the morning.

The second box will be for rent. Tenants will put rent checks in the box the manager will check it every night on her way home from work and enter them into rent manager. Then send them to our main office on the other side of the country.

Thank you for your help and replies!