Managing member's address and billing location

I’m about to close on my first park and I will be moving to a new city soon. I’ll be moving around for the next couple years.Are there any good services anyone is using other than USPS mail forwarding for a situation like mine? I’m planning to set up a P.O. Box. I’ve moved so many times in the last decade and want to ensure that I receive my park bills.

There are many mail forwarding services. They will just forward mail, scan then await instructions etc…A very close friend of mine lived in Panama, but his mailing address is in Florida someplace. So mail sent to him is just forwarded to where ever he is. If you google the services, you will fine them all over. I do nto know what the charge is per piece of mail, but I know the system exists. It is very popular for the long term RVers as well…

I’ve looked at this a couple times in the past few years. While I never actually ended up trying them out, I decided that if I did end up using a service I’d try St. Brendan’s Isle, , in Florida.The impression I got from my research was (a) they’ve been around forever, = more likely that they’ll still be around forever. They have a website that looks like it was designed ten years ago, which says to me they’re small and family owned, and therefore not getting the place ready for a private equity firm to come in and merge them with another service and raise all the prices any time soon.They can also pay your bills for you, and I think deposit your checks as they come in. They’ll also scan your mail for you so you can see it online. Then, whenever you want, you just have them forward it all to you wherever you are in the world.Their pricing structure is a bit loopy and I don’t think they’ve caught up to the cloud and doing everything on your smartphone yet, but they just feel so much more… stable, and I get the feeling that when you call it’s always going to be the same three people picking up the phone.