Managing Books for MHP and Rentals

Can anyone give me a recommendation on a Software to manage my parks and rentals. It has become overwhelming for me to do it by bank accounts and excel. I need something that can account for rents, deposits, insurance payments, late fees, etc. The ability to look on line and see the same data as my managers would be a plus!

I have looked at Quicken but I believe it is too complicated for what I want but I have not spent a lot of time on Quicken before.

Someone suggested “Rent Right” but I have not seen this before. Another person suggested Quick Books?

Any suggestions or experience you would like to share I would appreciate.



I have listened to a couple of webinars on Mike Butler’s system, it is integrated with quick books.

We are not to that point yet, but when we are, we will go to this or something similar.

You can go to and scroll down 'till you find Mike Butler, listen to his speil, maybe you will like it, maybe not.

I have not used this product, but it is billed to cover what you asked for and much more.

Hope this helps.


Rent manager was originally designed for an owner who owned multiple mobile home parks, check it out to see if it will fill your needs, Corey uses at his parks in Texas and is very satisfied with it.

John Hyre has a QuickBooks accounting system that will give you pre-loaded accounts to take account of Lonnie Deals, Lease-Options, security deposits, and more. He’s my accountant, and so far so good.



Thanks Everyone,

I have looked into your suggestions. Since I live in a different state than the parks it is really nice to be able to see on-line the same spread sheet as what my manager sees. I have not decided yet on wheich program to use. I am now using excel and hive the manager email me an updated spread sheet at least once a week. I will report back once I select a program and try it out for a while.

Thanks again!