Hello everyone… I have been a lurker for a while, just reading and learning. I am not in a position to purchase a park, but would like to manage one. I have 4 years of property management experience and have remodeled houses and mobilehomes for several people. My wife is a bookkeeper by career, but can no longer work fulltime as she has MS. She can however keep books, just not an every day situation. I will be ready to retire in a few months at which time I would like to manage/maintain a park. In the time I have left before retirement, what should I be learning/doing to better my prospects. I am going to order your home study course…what else? What do you look for? I am going to retire after 30 years as a minister.


What state are you located in?

If you are interested in our area. Please let me know.

J would you have any problem evicting a single mother with small children that is not paying her rent and has no place to move to ?

If you want to be a manager you will be required to enforce the rules of the park owner and do as they request not necessarily what is best for the tenant or yourself.

Park owners and managers are not social workers. Business is business.

I have often found that in protecting my business interests as a park owner I have no room for compassion where individuals have personal issues that are in conflict with my business practices.

Do you believe you could make decisions and enforce the owners wishes without question at the expense of the individual tenant.

At present I reside in California…but when the time comes moving is not a problem. California used to be a great place to live…weather is still the best, but the state is in the process of being trashed in many different ways.

Greg’s point is well taken. While I was a property manager the scenario he described was a commonplace occurrance. I managed about 180 apartments, low income, section 8, HUD, and otherwise, and several sfr’s and at any given month at least 1 eviction process was instituted. Been through it all and think I have seen and heard it all, or at least most of it. Ministers are compassionate, but not blind.

Thanks for the thoughts… looking for all the advice you all can give to me.

I am currently moving from Montana to California,I have been a mobil ehome park manager for 18 plus years.

Yep I too could write a book on every kind of situation you possibly think of, some funny, some not so funny!

If anyone may know of any properties looking for a manager in the Eureka, Mckinleyville areas please let me know.

Thank you

on the main site- there is a section to post your interest in being a manager. There is also a place for owners that are looking for managers to post openings. You might post and look over there as well as what you have done here…