Manager Pay and Responsibilities

We are kind of new to the mobile home park business, although we own several apartment communities. In our apartment properties we typically have a resident manager that shows apartments, deals with tenant issues and handles maintenance requests. Our main office sends statements, notices and collects rent. We use a pay for performance model where they get so much per job or responsibility, which we then deduct off their rent first, then pay a check for anything over. We typically carry a workmens comp policy for casual labor.

We are wondering how some of you handle this in the mobile home park business. We just recently took over a 35 space park about 10 hours away. The job would pretty much entail showing vacant homes and lots and keeping the park clean and peaceful. We may have them mow the vacant lots. There will be no maintenance involved. Our apartments are so much more labor intensive.

How much would you let them do and what would you pay them? Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks, Matt

Our pay scale is roughly free lot rent, plus $10 per month per occupied lot, plus $15 per month per vacant lot for mowing, plus a small amount for mowing the common areas. On this park (which I’ve not seen) the appropriate amount would be free lot rent plus $500 per month cash (I don’t know how much mowing you have or any vacant lots). That’s for the park itself – not the homes.

If you also have park-owned homes, then you need to pay them more, but that’s going to be based on how many homes you have, the condition of the homes, past retention estimates, if the manager would be doing any cleaning or repairs, etc. You might also give them a performance reward of $250 per home that they sell/rent.

Without homes, parks are extremely easy to run. With homes, it’s much more complicated and requires better planning on compensation.

Do you prefer to have your manager mow or source it out? We are leaning towards the latter as we have had so many issues of them destroying lawn mowers, not mowing or using mower to mow everyone elses yard. I was thinking the cost savings of fixing lawn mowers and possibly lower workmans comp may help pay for a service.

Thanks, Matt

We’ve always outsourced all maintenance. We do not own lawn mowers, trucks, sewage machines, leaf blowers or anything.

We’ve also found it difficult, or at least unnecessary, to ‘sell’ a mobile home. We fix-up/make-ready our homes after every turnover, and price them competitively, and the phone rings off the hook. We’ve never used a bonus system for our managers. Our homes are opened at 7 a.m., and closed up at 6 p.m. five days a week. There are applications on the kitchen counters and instructions on how to fill it out and return it, along with the application fee and photo ID, to our manger.

No need for performance bonus. This is a process we require our managers to adhere to, and the homes stay full.

Your mileage may vary,


Same here - no incentives. Tried it - it gets it all mucked up. Kinda like paying your wife to kiss you (which I have also tried with mediocre results). :wink:

Free lot rent, $8/hr to mow and weed eat - that’s about it.

I would look for retired military or police - they don’t seem to be phased by anything and are grateful to be “in charge” again.

Manager Pay and Responsibilities

•identify aims and vision for the group, purpose, and direction - define the activity (the task)

•identify resources, people, processes, systems and tools (inc. financials, communications, IT)

• create the plan to achieve the task - deliverable s, measures, timescales, strategy and tactics

•establish responsibilities, objectives, account abilities and measures, by agreement and delegation

•set standards, quality, time and reporting parameters

•control and maintain activities against parameters

• monitor and maintain overall performance against plan

•report on progress towards the group’s aim

•review, re-assess, adjust plan, methods and targets as necessary

Planning and organizing is a core function of business management. Business planning involves developing business goals, and designing strategies and organizing business resources to advance those goals. Both internal data related to organizational performance and external data about the industry, markets and competition provide insights business management needs in order to direct the company’s resources and identify organizational needs.

•Supervise and manage the overall performance of staff in the department.

•Analyzing, reporting, giving recommendations and developing strategies on how to improve quality and quantity.

•Achieve business and organization goals, visions and objectives.

•Involved in employee selection, career development, succession planning and periodic training.

•Identifying problems, creating choices and providing alternatives courses of actions.

These are some main responsibilities of the manager. But it is depend on their field. If account manager he must consider about finance part than employers. If HR manager he must supervise about. Do you understand?