Manager has to go

We are buying our first park, the manager has to go. He lives in a stick built house on the property. If I understand correctly, the seller has to fire him and we have to hire him (if we want to, and we don’t). Would you make the sellers kick him out of the house before closing and when would you inform the seller that you don’t want to hire him and you want him out of the house? Or, would you handle it after closing?? He has bought 2 mobiles in the park as people have moved and left their house behind, as best I can tell one of his houses is occupied and one isn’t. I want to give him time to move but not enough time to tear the place up.

Also, the manager isn’t paying rent for the house he lives in, it’s part of his employment and I don’t think he’s paying lot rent for the 2 properties he owns. If he isn’t, does he have to pay day one OR do we have to send him notice along with everyone else and inform him what his new lot rent will be? The new lot rent takes effect in 30 days, right?

HiEvictions are costly, time consuming and fraught with lots of emotional stress to say the leastIf you are not getting a real steal on the park, I would not takke title until the previous owner maneuvers the legal hoops and delivers the property vacantIn the apartment rental scene I am involved, I sometimes even pay a bonus on the asking price to get the seller to dirty his hands instead of mineGood LuckIsaac 

Have the current owner make the change before you close.
The reason simply “moving in a different direction”.
Suggest he live in the vacant trailer that he owns.
If he still wants to live in the park and not pay up to 10k to move his two trailers it is unlikely he will destroy the house he is in

Thanks, I thought it best of the sellers handled it too. I told the realtor we didn’t want to hire him and we needed him out before closing, she responded, “In Mobile, people don’t usually move out before closing”, she thinks things are different in Mobile Alabama than in the rest of the world. This is our first park and I told her that the bank wanted us to run the park (which is true, he didn’t say he wanted us to live there but we’re running with that) and we planned to move into the house and needed to do some repairs to the roof before we could move in and we needed him out before closing. The park pays his water and electric, they should turn it off when they sell it, we may not turn it on in our names right away.Not sure how best to handle it, I don’t want to make the guy mad so he damages the house, I just want him to move.Thanks,Leighnae

You don’t need to explain yourself.
You are the owner of the park.

I agree Brian, thanks!

You should never consider compromising on your goals because someone might do damage. This is a situation that landlords face regularly in evicting tenants and is simply one of the costs of doing business. Move forward and get the job done. Make whatever necessary repairs are necessary and take him to court for damages if warranted.
If you are concerned do a tour of the managers home and take plenty of pictures prior to the owner informing him he is getting the boot.

There’s no happy ending to this movie. The guy will be mad and he will damage the house. He will not probably move the trailers as it costs $5,000 each to do that. But there’s no way you can fire him and take his house away and have him be happy. So if you’re going to have to make him mad, you might as well do it on the front end and get it over with. Remember that you are not firing him – he’s not your employee, Do not hire him, as you will have problems with unemployment insurance, etc. Have a perfect letter waiting for him at closing, saying that you do not need him and to please move out. Nothing personal, just business. The home is probably already trashed from his regular lifestyle, so don’t worry about it too much.