Management Software?

What management software does anyone recommend? I own a 69 space MHP + extra land to turn into 125+ spaces, and I own 29 park owned MH. We have been using Microsoft Excel and really need to take our business to the next level.

I am looking for good recomendations on property management software. I have been looking at Click2PropertyManager (Formally DIY) that was recommended from a friend who owns several apartments. I like the idea that it is web based so all the owners can view it as well as the property manager can enter the information.

Does anyone use this software or have a recommendation?


Hi Nick,

We evaluated several packages. Actually my partner is the tech whiz and did the evaluation. I just nodded my head a lot.

We ultimately boiled down to two packages: Buildium and Rent Manager.

Buildium is web based and has an extremely easy to use interface which we liked. Rent Manager was an old school Windows client but can be run off a central server and accessed remotely. We ultimately chose Rent Manager for several reasons and are very happy with it. In the long run one of the advantages we were thinking is that we can actually buy the version which we can host ourselves. Of course its good when your partner is a computer engineer.

You may want to evaluate both of the these as well. I know several of the folks on this board use Rent Manager as well.They operate several hundred spaces.

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Hi Nick and Howard

I would also like to share my experience with property management software solutions. I am also a big fan of Web-based software and can attest to the efficacy of both the Buildium and RealPage property management software solution.

Ultimately, the feature set of both are very similar and both are very easy to use. However, I know that I prefer the interface of the RealPage solution just a little more.

I would highly recommend trying both out for yourself to see which one fits your sensibilities best. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Still we are using College management software which makes our administration department ease to maintain all records like accounts, inventory, payroll, transport etc. Similarly a project management software can do much more for yours as it is web based and suit you needs, i will recommend you to use it.

I have been using Buildium for over a year. I can say the best feature is the automated mailing templates. The accounting is sufficient, but the real downfall is filling out work orders or creating amounts for properties with multiple units. I have spoken with the tech support a few times and had results.

The problem with Buildium as I was explained by tech support, is that the program is geared toward residential management. I found a way around this by adding sudiet units based on the property owner (all the individual LLC’s). But adding a single work order can take up to 10 minutes because you have to switch to the proper units and ect…

I’m currently looking for a better system as I have duplexes, apartment complex, and now mobile home park.

Looking into doing quickbooks and excel as I have read in other forms, but really like the automated forms function.

Any advice?