Make room for a new member

First, I want to say a big thank you all the contributors on this forum. I have taken the opportunity over the last few days to read every post on this forum (okay, give a take a handful). I am all about the GOTC method but I had to ensure that this is something I feel confidently about. I do not want to sound corny, but I got such joy from reading about various members getting through their first deal or a just a difficult transaction.

The next step is to wait for my Lonnie books to come in. I cannot afford MHMIV this year but do plan to prepare to attend next years event. I honestly want to put every dollar this year to get some lonnie’s under my belt and buy 1 or 2 more courses.

Lil’ Background. I am in my early 20s and live in metro Atlanta. I graduated two years ago “from an almost Ivy League” school (LOL!). I spent a few months in banking, transition over to small retail management because I have been in sales for 7 of 8 years of my work experience. I was in the process of beginning my masters work part-time; however, I am still in limbo as to what is most important to me now, school or developing an income stream.

This is my “second” venture into real estate. A few years back, I looked into sub-2’s and leasing, but I was truly overwhelmed by the 20k/year I was kicking out to the University. Plain and simple, I was not ready professionally or emotionially so I was on the couch!

Now several years later I realize one of the biggest factors holding myself back is not thinking and acting creatively. This is something I still deal with in regards to making deals happen FOR MYSELF. I am a great worker and I want to learn from you guys how to be an effective DO-ER. So I am trying to care my way into the niche with very little dollars of my own to play with.

Greg, I hope to speak with you via email in regards to the '07 MOM.

There are so many wonderful people up here to thank that I only know by posts, Vince, Gary, Fred, Mark, Anne_ND, Corey, Greg (of course), Steve, and the entire MHU family.

Sincere Thanks


My initial funding will likely be from a CC. I am not very happy about it but at this point is the only way I can get capital to get going. For those you used borrowed funds, how long did it take (or you planned) to get a ROI?

Also, for those in the beginning how far did you travel to get the right deals? As I stated, I lived in ATL metro and work in the area too. I know going out of the 285 loop will be smartest in regards to deals; because I do not understand the market of this area fully, I’m not quite sure how far and what direction to go in.

Welcome Marteen…to the wonderful world of wobbly boxes.

I hope you can make it to MOM and look forward to meeting you.


Hi Marteen,

You really should spend that money you talked about going to the MHM4 meeting in Orlando this weekend. It will save you months and months of time.

Hope to see you there,


I wish I could have. However, I will not have the money in my hands until another two weeks. Timing was not in my favor on this occasion. I am planning to attend the MOM in Daytona next year; it will nice treat since it is around my birthday.

Over the next few days I have sorted out my plans to calling various County Tax Commissioner offices’ to get information in regards to titles and taxation for MHs. Then I will scout out parks. I am unsure if I will give myself a formal introduction as I have no business cards or a formal greeting gathered.

I will order DOW & a calculator on Friday. There was a MH repair manula on Amazon I considered ordering, too. I thought about filing a corp since the fees are so cheap in GA. However, I would hate to jump the gun and not select the most appropriate corporate structure. So, filing now is not set in concrete.

My plans are to work to have had my first deal completed within July and trying to complete 1-2 per month. If all goes on target, land homes will be a goal set for early 2007 and then MHP’s toward the end of next year. Again, I will play all buy ear and good opportunities.

Welcome Marteen! You will find the best people in the world in the Mobile Home Park business. We recorded the MHM IV so keep your eyes open for an email that Blake will be sending out in the next week.

I look forward to meeting you sometime soon and hearing about your successes in mobile homes/mobile home parks!


Thanks Corey!

I really appreciate the warm welcome.

I just got all my Lonnie materials in today. The home study course manual is not as big as I expected it but from everyone’s review I anticipate it to information packed. I already have some MHs that I have interest in so my first deal may cultivate sooner than I expect.

I know the next event is MOM in January, it is around my birthday time. I have cultivate enough deals to get there. It is something I cannot afford to miss.

Thanks Again for your kind response. I look forward to meeting you to too.

Welcome Marteen!