M2K Mobile Home Park Fund 1 is open

Hi All, My partners and I just opened our first fund. Below is a brief overview. Feel free to jump on our web site to request more information.


Who we are: The principals of M2K partners have multiple years of experience in Mobile Home Park Real Estate Operations and Investing. We have experience in turnaround and value-add parks.

Our Marketing: We have a proprietary database. We speak and deal directly with owners of parks so we have access to off market deals. This means we are not competing with other buyers and we can negotiate better than market deals.

Our Buying Criteria:

  • Generally 40 or more sites.
  • Stable parks or value-add opportunities such as below market rents or empty lots.
  • MSAs with good demographics, steady or growing populations.

Operations: This is the most impactful factor to the success of a park. We only hire experienced managers and operators. Our daily/weekly/monthly follow ups and meetings ensure our plans are executed smoothly and any issues are addressed and resolved quickly.

Our Deals under contract:

  • 38 unit park in the Florida panhandle. This park is a value add opportunity where we can sell the park owned home and raise rents to market. We expect to increase the value of the park by 25% in the first 12 months.
  • 100+ unit portfolio in New York. These parks are stabilized. Our plan is to in-fill the handful of empty lots, raise rents and implement cost saving efficiencies within operations.
  • 90 unit in the Florida Panhandle. We are under final negotiations for this park. This park is full and purchase price is at approximately a 9 cap.

Our Fund: Our fund is available to accredited investors only. We offer an 8% preferred return with additional distributions split 70%/30% to limited partners/general parters.

For More Information: For more information please visit our web site: https://www.mhp-team.com/invest-with-us or email us at m2kpartnersfund@gmail.com .


Great, @MattB - How much are you looking to raise?

Who does you audit?

Can you tell me the area in the panhandle? What county? Name of business?

Did anyone invest with M2K Partners, and care to share your experience? I noticed that they did not answer any of the questions asked here.