Louisville Show

It’s a show that always ignites the industry and the Midwest region with new designs, new ideas and new initiatives

I do not want to create a new topic so I will ask my question here. Do investors go to Louisville Mobile Home Show? Are there any benefits in addition to see new products?

I go about every 3 years. If you are shopping for new homes it is a good place to see several in the same location. Also, sometimes the lectures are good to find out any industry changes in lending, new laws, etc.
I can also visit my parks on the same trip. Otherwise, probably would not spend the money for travel, etc to attend. Sort of depends on how much you like to be plugged in to the industry.

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@bjy thank you for the explanation. Now, I have better idea about the show.

I have attended every year since the show began except for the year without the show.
In Full Disclosure: I have been a frequent speaker there in years past, and am currently on the Board of Directors of the Midwest Federation that owns the show. Dennis Hill of Show Ways has been contracted to run the show for many years.

Why attend?

  • First, it is a great, if somewhat frantic, networking event;
  • Second, as previously mentioned the lectures, while not so good for the last several years, are back with truly knowledgeable speakers and what they have to say while very important to retailers and community owners, offer general knowledge to investors that could prove invaluable;
  • Seeing all the homes can inspire ideas for investors;
  • Making the rounds of the general exhibitors can be very valuable as there are other investors with booths there;


I go every year, because it’s about a 4 hour drive from my house. It is by far the best home show each year, as it’s indoors and every manufacturer is there (the Tunica show is outdoors and often miserable). I think the key benefits to going are 1) to make contacts with manufacturers who you might want to use to fill lots (I would recommend hanging out with the Clayton/ 21st guys for sure) 2) to get ideas on how to renovate your older POHs so that they appear newer and classier (we’ve seen some smart design moves each year, from cabinet colors to accent walls and vinyl designs).

Since so many park owners now buy homes factory direct to fill vacant lots, there are a lot of park owners in attendance. But, unlike MHI or NCC, it’s not really based on park owners. It’s a show all about the newest in home design and the models they have for sale. But if it’s not a big travel burden, it’s not a bad event to attend. Can you get enough good ideas to outweigh the travel cost in time and money? Absolutely.

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When and exactly where is it? Website?

Also, if you could only go to one show, which one would it be?

There is no one perfect show each year; instead there are three good ones and they are all completely different:

  1. MHI in Vegas. This is the industry’s largest show, held in 2016 at Caesar’s Palace. it has booths, speeches, and a ton of brokers, banks and other contacts. It also has a high price tag, as the tickets are around $500 each, and the airfare (unless you live nearby) and hotel will run you thousands more. This show is best known for making industry contacts – that’s what it brings to the table.

  2. NCC in Chicago. This is a show that is 100% devoted to park owners only. It is very formal, with most everyone there in a suit. It has far better speeches than Vegas (in my opinion) but no booths and little opportunity for contacts, except the fancy dinner they do on one night. Every major park owner in the U.S. can typically be found at this event. This show is best known for its speeches – that’s what it brings to the table. You can also make important contacts at the dinner.

  3. Louisville Home Show. This show is devoted to nothing but homes – and there’s a ton of them. You can see what’s new in home design and all the current models. You can also see the difference in the homes each manufacturer builds. This show is best known for making decisions on homes to buy for your park and making important contacts with the manufacturers, such as the CASH program for 21st Mortgage/Clayton Homes.

They’re all good, but completely different, and for different purposes.


Thank you. Which one would be best for ideas on updating and remodeling older homes?

The Louisville Home Show, without question. It’s indoors, so you can walk around homes for 8 straight hours if you want to, without worrying about the temperature or rain. And eat nachos in between (they have a food court). We get great ideas every time we go.


Well at least the admission price is damned reasonable. I registered last night. Will check flights and such and hopefully see you there.

Call my cell when you get there at (573) 535-0206 and I’ll tell you where I’m at in the building.


Thanks Frank, will do.

BTW my park probably isn’t that far from the Orlando meeting if you’d want to tour it. I have a contact for another park nearby and he may allow it also.

@RishelConsultingGroup Thank you very much for the detailed information. I will attend this year show.

@frankrolfe thank you for list and description of each show. I will add those to my calendar. I am not sure about two other events, but I will attend Louisville show.