Looking to help fill parks with homes

I’m a manufacturing sales rep. We are looking to market directly to community owners who are looking for new homes. 21st mortgage has a great finance program set up specifically for communities.We are located in Alabama, but we ship houses all over. If interested, please let me know.

A phone number would be enormously helpful.-jl-

I was wondering what your company’s name was.:)Brandon@Sandell

Sorry, I guess I should have included more information. My name is Darren Oliver with Southern Homes. The number is 256-277-7200.


Does your company have a website?


When you say all over, what do you mean,I would be interested for SC, NE, IA Please message me on here if you work in those areas.

Brian Z, I contacted Darren and he does sell to South Carolina (not sure of the other states).Darren emailed us a couple of quotes for Singlewides (3 Bedroom / 2 Bath) with just basic features.  The quotes did not come with A/C.  For SC you might want to ask for the price with A/C :-).We wish you the very best!

Yes I can sell to any state. Its just a matter of getting a freight quote and getting everything together.