Looking for Private Lender or Partner

I had a verbal agreement with a seller to buy a park near Akron. I got an attorney and drew up a Land Sales Contract per the Sellers Terms. When He returned from His long weekend he indicated that he had 2 other buyers interested. He had my contract in hand and saod he would rather sell for cash and be done with it. This morning I get an email saying he signed a Letter of Intent for another buyer, but said He that his priority is still to sell to a cash buyer. The broker said he was more comfortable sellinhpg to a local rather than me being in California, even though I had an onsite Manager ready to move into the park.

The park is 315k, 32 Lots plus a cottage, and has great upside.
This park has been extremely mismanaged due to a poor property management company.

I am looking for a short term private lender, to allow me time to fix up the park or I am looking for a partner to cash him out…this partner can be short term or long term. Within a year, this park will be worth 500k. If interested, please contact me. Thank you, Sandy

I’m assuming the homes are all POH? and its if full?

do you have any collateral other than the MHP? Not a lot of interest in a small loan like this considering the risk. Costs too much to travel and inspect the asset (that sucks up all the profit from interest on the loan).

Unless you’re willing to pay VERY significant interest and points (its going to be high even EITH security), i suggest you have a Lamborghini or pile of gold to put up as collateral.

There are No POHs, this park has a great deal of potential.