Looking for mobile home transporter - goin from SC to Western PA

Hello all. I am acquiring a dozen homes in SC and would like to move them to Western PA. I have called numerous home transporter companies and have not heard back from anyone capable of moving homes that distance. I am willing to pay a referral fee to anyone able to point me in the right direction.

Have you talked to either state’s MHA?-jl-

That’s a lot of homes to move that distance, We recently bought a mobile home from someone who moved it from Indiana to Tennessee. It cost $13,000 for the move and set up. 

jkmhp2, my Husband and I own two Mobile Home Parks in South Carolina.I just sent you an Inbox Email with the name and contact info of a South Carolina Mobile Home Mover.I called him to see if he moves Mobile Homes outside of SC, but received his vm.  I left him a vm concerning your situation.You have probably already done this, but have you verified that the SC homes have all the required HUD building codes that you need in Western PA.  We do not have much (if any snow) in SC.  However, you might need a particular ‘Snow Load’ and/or ‘Roof Load’ in Western PA.This information is located on the HUD Label / Tag which is located in one of three locations (as per http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/program_offices/housing/rmra/mhs/mhslabels):1.  On Or Near The Main Electrical Panel2.  In A Kitchen Cabinet3.  In A Bedroom ClosetThe Data Plate has a Map of the US to let the consumer know the Wind Zone, Snow Load and Roof Load for which their home was built.We are near the coast in SC, so our Wind Zone is a higher requirement than further inland in SC.We wish you the very best! 

Kristin, thank you for your insights. Once in PA, we will be replacing all of the roofs to meet local requirements. I will check the home labels to verify, just to be safe. If you hear back from your transporter contact, I am all ears, and am willing to compensate you if you if something works out. Josh

Josh, you are very welcome!We have found that the Mobile Home Movers in SC are either good or not so good. I will check with another SC Mobile Home Owner that uses different Mobile Home Movers.  Perhaps their Movers are willing and able to help you.  I will let you know if I hear anything.We wish you the very best!

Jkmhp2, You should also check the tags to see if they were speced for the correct thermal zone.  Insulation requirements in SC are probably much different than PA.Also, simply replacing the roof’s may not correct the snow load issue.  The weight of the snow is transferred all the way to the ground, the home is an entire system.  If the roof’s support it but the walls don’t, you have a very real problem.I learned more about this (I am fairly new to this world) going through installer’s training for NY.  These homes are engineered specifically to very specific requirements.  FEMA homes (not sure if that is what you are buying, but using them as an example) for a hurricane area in the south are NOT well-suited for living space in the NY area where I am.  You may find out the hard way that you spend a TON of money transporting homes and find out that they can only be used for hunting camps.  Our instructor shared a very real example of a local retailer in NY that he discovered by accident had done exactly that.Do your homework first so it doesn’t become an expensive lesson.  Good luck!