Looking for lonnie dealer in lafayette indiana

I have a 76 space MHP in Lafayette Indiana which which came with 60 rental homes. I converted the occupied ones to sales, but still have 15 ready to go, and a few more I can fix up and get ready. I also have a few empty pads that homes could be pulled in on.

So here is the pitch, and a bit about where I come from. I am a park owner, actually own 3 parks, and also a lonnie dealer in Colorado. The park in Indiana I have runs well, but the manager is probably not the person to be answering the phone to sell off the homes. She can show them, do paperwork etc… but the properties are not moving like they would if someone that really understood the business was taking the calls.

So here is the offer. I will let a lonnie dealer come in and sell off my inventory, as if it is there own. Some homes I might ask $500 for, so me less than that and you can sell some off for a buck. Most of the homes are older, so functional not fancy. 2 bed, one and two bath. I have a couple of 3 bed homes mixed in… Because I am a dealer, I get the no space rent stuff, and managers helping you show the homes etc.

I will not mentor you into the lonnie dealer business. I have a couple of students going in Colorado now, and a couple is enough for me.

So- any takers in Indiana?

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