Looking For Investors

I am looking for few investors to invest a 200+ pads mhp in NYS together. Great condition, great upside, city water/sewer, seller financing. email me @ vivienfengwei@yahoo.com

Good luck, Vivian.  And remember to check with a lawyer about the proper rules associated with pooling investors.  If you sell membership units in an LLC, you’re likely selling “securities.”  And when you sell securities, you have to give the proper disclosures and information, and you have to target “accredited investors” - roughly defined as millionaires and up.  It’s a shame that our Gov’t won’t allow anyone of moderate means to invest in private equity deals, but by and large they don’t.  So be careful.  Maybe someone can share an investor “Subscription Agreement” and LLC Operating Agreement with you.

Hi Vivien,We might be interested in investing in NYS.  Please email me at rejis456@yahoo.comBecky