Looking for a park 30-75 lots

I have a partner with a 1031 and we’re looking for another park. Do you have anything in the 30-75 lot range you’d be willing to sell at an 8 cap or better? We’d love to find something in KY, OH, IN or TX but will look at anything in the Midwest or Heartland.



Justin, I have a 68 unit park in Oklahoma for sale. Are you looking in East OK?

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I’d look at it if you want to send it over

Hi Vincent can you send me info on your OK park?

CAN U SEND OK PARK INFO mhpquestion@yahoo.com

Hi there! My husband and I have been searching for an investor to help acquire out local MHP and RVP, would you be interested? If so please email me breannalsoderman@gmail.com