Looking for a DEAL

Hey everyone, I am a pretty aggressive real estate buyer looking for a deal. If you’ve got something on the table, but you can’t get it funded and YOU KNOW it’s a deal, please shoot me an email with a little more info about the project and your contact information or just post something here in the forum and message me. One of our target areas of expertise is mobile homes and parks in South Carolina. We are a licensed dealership with over 20 years experience in buying, selling, and owner financing mobile homes, land, and/or both as well as building parks. And we’ve done well with all of the above.

I want to partner with some folks and get some thing moving. If you have something going but maybe don’t have the cash, since we do. I’m open to whatever you got if it’s a great deal or project.


p.s. i’m not a broker or a lender…just a deal maker.

Glad to have you in the group. I’ll certainly keep it in mind