Looking at small park for sale, please pick it apart!

Let me give you the rundown on the property,

8 Lot rentals @ 100 per month, local market avg is 150, includes

water, so there is an upside with raising rent and submetering. Rents have

not changed in twelve years.

All pads are leased and fully tenant owned units

1500 sq ft house rented @ 550 per month

Lot is 1.5 acres

All long term tenants

Public water and sewer, costs 4800 per year in usage

property taxes 4400 per year WAY TO HIGH

Nets 8400 per year

Price is $30,000

I really enjoy this forum and hearing everyones opinion! I want

to thank everbody for their insights, you have saved me small fortune

over the last year!!! Please let me what you think!