Looking at a park that backs up to a much bigger park

Hey all,

I’ve been looking for a while to find my first park. I may have come across one that seems pretty solid. The question is, this is a 50ish pad park and it backs up to a 300 pad park. of the 50, 23 are occupied. The bigger park is 220/300 occupied. Does this bother anyone?? Not sure how to feel about it. The rents are a little lower in the small park. Amenities are the same.

Thanks for your input.


The only thing that comes to mind is financing a smaller park that is less than 1/2 full might be an issue.

I would find a friend to be a prospective tenant in large park and find out how they are different than small park

I would need to know there’s enough demand for lots. That would be my first question if neither park was full. I would also be wondering why the larger park owner wasn’t snapping up that deal. If they were doing so well… it seems logical that they would want to buy it.