Lonnie-type deals for "rental" only

I am new to park ownership, and I apologize if this is a naive question. In the small town where my park is located, there is a tremendous need for rentals. I have added some homes to my lots, one by one, and they rent immediately. I would like to fill my empty lots with additional homes–I have a waiting list of prospective renters, and many new jobs are coming to the area on top of this–but it’s impractical to personally purchase every home that I rent out. I know about Lonnie deals, but most tenants want to rent, not buy. They don’t want the down payment or long-term commitment. My question is, why aren’t there Lonnie-type investors who simply want return on their money by placing homes in parks and letting the parks rent them? The park owner would get his pad rent, and the investors would pocket the balance. Are such deals done? Are there programs for this? I suppose the alternative is to buy the homes from Lonnie dealers myself for the down payment, and rent them, making the monthly payments on the home myself and profiting by the amount of the pad rent. I would like any insight from owners who’ve managed to get rental-only homes on their lots without having to buy every one themselves. Obviously, there’s the bank-loan route, but banks seem very wary of investing in park-owned mobiles, however great the local demand. Thanks for your thoughts.