Lonnie, my heart goes out to you

Read up on this Titus cr** and it sickens me. There are folks in this biz with no scruples or morals as you well know. What kills me is most of these scammers have so much talent (gift of gab), they could excel in any honest endeavor.

What I find insightful is how you openly discuss this in open forum to help someone else avoid this creep. When I have made mistakes (1325 in 3 years), my first reaction is damage control (who saw that?) and keep it quiet. Since geting involved with mobiles, I realize it is easy to be upbeat when everything is going great, i have a pocket full of loot, no one is threatening to sue me, and am waiting for four deals to fund. How about when a mobile just got seized, appliances get stolen out of a repo after you bought it and as an added bonus took heat pump also, it doesn’t matter which checkbook you write out of, they are both near empty,and I realize I learn more in the difficult phase…I have to to survive.

I realize I expect this kind of open attitude from you, you gave me and a gazillion others a step-by step blueprint to be RICH for 30 bucks. I am talking about deals on Wheels of course and that book changed my life and my guess I am not nearly alone.

What scares me is if you can be hurt like this, no one on this Board or in this business is safe if they don’t heed your two main rules, Lonnie. You want to recoup some of this come down and play in FL. We can do some L/Ds (I mean real ,true Lonnie Deals!!), flip some homes, you name it! We may not make a ton of money, but it was 88* here today and I live on a lake.

God Bess,

Greg Meade


I feel terrible that Lonnie of all people, who has contributed to the success of thousands of others, got taken by this guy.

The interesting thing about this is that if this were Lonnie’s last dollar, and I’m sure it’s not, within a short period of time, he’d be right back where he was. True, he’d have to “unretire” for a bit but you’d never hear him complain.

And as to Mr Titus’ prospects, he messed with the wrong guy this time. He’ll get his due.