Long term tenant relocation

Hello everyone, I recently closed on my first MHP and I need advice on how to handle the relocation of a TOH from one pad to another. I’m in the beginning stages of changing the layout of the park to allow for the addition of 5-10 more pads, my only issue is that I have a very long term tenant (31yrs) with a TOH that was place on a pad in such a position that prevents the development of the additional pads. I would like to relocate the MH to another vacant pad but I’m not sure how to notify the tenant of this change, or how much time to allow for before the relocation and also who should pay for the relocation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and TIA!

First you need to determine if the home is in fair enough condition to be relocated. If so, then contact the home owner about moving it. I recommend having a conversation with them about it and explain why you want to move it. IMO you should give him ample time to prepare, at least 60 days. And you should pay to move and store his belongings, house him temporarily while the home is being moved/set and then pay to have his belongings moved back into his home. The tenant shouldn’t incur any costs because this is something you want to do. If they wanted to move the home then they should cover the costs - this is how I would handle it but others may handle it differently.


Thanx, I appreciate the advice and I didn’t even consider the condition of the MH being an issue with the relocation.

Bring in a replacement home on the vacant pad and offer it to them in exchange for their old home. Get them to agree in advance of course and once you move them simply demo their old home. Problem solved.

The tenant is entitled to stay on the lot until the lease expires. Basically, you have to wait to the lease expires, not renew it, then offer a new lease on a new lot. The amount of notice you need to give would be in the termination or non-renewal clauses of your lease so look there first. If you are month-to-month, then you probably have to give 30 days notice to not renew.

If it were my park and the move was necessary to expand, I would pay for the move. If you require the tenant to pay, he will be disappointed and may move it elsewhere.

Thanx Greg, I like that idea and as luck would have it I recently had vacancy in one of the POH so I might just do some updating and then offer that unit in exchange for theirs.

Condition is very important. If he home is dilapidated beyond repair, then you would simply not renew the lease, then when it expires, you would demolish the home. In cases where we have a good tenant in a home that we would like to demolish, we place a new home on a different lot, sign a new lease there, then upon termination of the old lease, the tenant moves, and we destroy the old home.