Location. Does it matter?

Every time I look at a park, I consider Would I live there myself. I know it’s wrong, so I throw it out the window but figured I’d ask the group.

I’ve seen parks in dense residential areas, on the outskirts of town, in town off of busier roads, near train tracks, surrounded by manufacturing buildings, next to strip clubs, near airport, etc. If everything else checks out, is there a location to avoid?

I avoid Parks in floodplains, areas susceptible to storm surges (e.g. hurricanes, cyclones), and those where my test ad does poorly. Other than that, all is fair game in my book. I am okay owning a Park in a place I would not want to live.

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That’s what I figured. A park I’m looking at isn’t where I’d live, but some tenants have been there since 1980 and some have moved in as recently as this March. It must appeal to some people.