Locating VIN on abandoned home

I know this has been discussed before but I couldn’t find it through the search feature.I have an abandoned home in my park that I can’t find the VIN for.  Any ideas on where to look that it could be hidden away at?Also, if anyone knows how to run a title check on a mobile home in the Michigan I would love some advice (I wasn’t able to find it on the SOS’s website).

There are several places to look for clues in the mobile home. Usually the VIN will be on the metal frame under the home. Usually on the very front metal piece of frame, near where the tounge hooks on. I have also heard of them being on the tounge. Sometimes it will be a piece of paper clued on, but often its stamped right into the metal frame. Sometimes its hard to read. Also inside the home often times there is a sheet of paper with all the homes information. This can be at one of several places including behind a cabinet or closet door, near the water heater or the electric box. Its usually behind something like a cabinet door. I saw one the other day behind the little door that enclosed the electric box.  Its going to be in a conspicuous place that was part of the original factory home.  In Indiana we get a lost title through the BMV. It takes a while and a bunch of paper work but its doable.