LLC question for California resident

hi ,
I live in California and buying a park in Indiana , so which state should I form my LLC in .

Do I need llc in Indiana to get business license and banking going or I should have LLC in some other state which has more benefits. If anyone can recommend someone that’ll be appreciated.

Do I need to have any entity in California as well ?

Form your LLC in the state of the real property. Indiana.


If you are in CA and managing it from CA you will need an LLC in CA as well. Check with your CPA.

@tmperrault is technically correct as I too live in CA and purchase my first park outside of CA. I did not create a CA LLC right away, but eventually created an entity in CA as the “investment,” or “property management,” or whatever you want to call it. In CA you will have to pay a minimum annual fee of $800, but you can also create a Solo 401k to which you can contribute a minimum of $19,500 if you are under 50 years old, OR $26k if 50 and older. If you have a lot of extra income you can do an employer match into the $50k+ area. It is probably best to create the park LLC in the state in which you are purchasing the park using a registered agent such as:

I am just a CO and not a CPA, Attorney or anything else so you should always seek professional advice, but it will probably be close to this advice…Good Luck!

Here’s a couple of more thoughts.

  1. The LLC protections offered by most states don’t vary much. The most protective are Nevada and Delaware -but the others have the same core protections. LLC formation costs vary from about $250 to $800 between the states;

  2. If you form the LLC in the state where you have the investment, you don’t necessarily need to hire an agent to be available to accept lawsuits served on your LLC - you can just keep a mailing address there

  3. If you form the LLC in a state other than the one your investment property is in, you need to seek foreign authority in that state with the out of state LLC - so that’s a pain too

Thanks everyone who responded, I found out as California resident I have to have llc here as well.
I’ll be registering LLC in the state I’m buying park in and then register as a foreign entity in California.