LLC can't represent themselves in Evictions

We have non-renewed a lease and in filling out the paperwork to file at the District Court it states “Corporations, Partnerships and LLC must be represented by an Attorney, and practicing law without a license is a criminal offense”. Will we seriously have to hire an attorney every time we need to evict a tenant? It’s expensive and ridiculous to have to pay an attorney to drive the the District Court office and fill out that form. Talk about an easy $500.Thanks,Leighnae Fabian

Our LLC. uses an eviction service.  They have an attorney that will bless the papers for an extra $100.  If the tenant answers the papers, and you go to court, an attorney will need to be there to represent you.  That costs extra.I’m in California, your state may be different. 

They did that in my state.  I’m told now, it has changed and a single member LLC can go w/o attorney.  Shop around for attorney.  The prices vary.  Attorney cost me $350 including court and sheriff fees.  Often well worth it.  I call, show up, he takes care of everything.  Often better to have him talk to tenants at court to make a deal.