List of Manager's Duties w/ Agreement

Does anyone have a list of Manager’s Duties that you provide to your property manager to follow? If so, could I please get a copy of it so I can use it as a basis to prepare my own? Do you get your manager to sign it?

I have a small park under 40 lots. No park owned homes, all utilities billed directly to tenants by utility companies so fairly easy to manage.

It sounds like a community you could easily manage yourself. Are you within a reasonable drive of the property.

Ditto Greg.

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While I enjoy owning the park, I don’t want to manage it myself. I own other businesses which take up most of my time and the park is about an hour and a half from where I live. I am happy with my onsite manager and the job he has been doing. Just wanting to fine tune things with him by having a written list of what is expected from him in return for what he is earning.

If anyone has a list of duties with an agreement that they are willing to share I would greatly appreciate it

Thank you.