Limited time to inspect propsed parks & carry out due diligence

Hi all,

Firstly, I’d like to thank Dave & Frank for the books they have written, which I’ve purchased and devoured!

I’m from Australia & will in be visiting from July 6 to July 18. I’m conservative (ex bank manager) so I’m looking for a park whereby I can make a minimum deposit & take on seller finance (non recourse loan)

My funds are limited - (US $25,000 - to include closing costs etc) & I’m looking for a park with minimum POH, on city water & sewer, in a populated location,safe in terms of crime & weather conditions, virtually turn key, self managed,in an area with strong employment prospects etc - yeah, I know, were all looking for this kind of place!

My question is regarding due diligence - I’m only in the States for a short time & also want to catch up wtrh friends I’ve made in prior visits - so with limited time I’m concerned that I simply won’t have enough time - and that I can’t afford the time off from work or travel costs to return for at leat 9 months.