Liability Insurance

Hi Guys,

I have been lurking around this forum for years. Almost bought a MHP a couple of years ago but the forum gave me some great advice to not purchase it. Now I have another question.

I have been renting out mobile homes for years. Most are on my property. A few have been in a park. I have a mobile home that is getting a little long in the tooth with more and more repair issues. I would like to propose to the tenent the opportunity to purchase the mobile home. Then rent the lot to them.

My question is, “How do I get liability insurance on the land only?” Normally to get liability coverage, I have to obtain landlord policy covering the land and personal property. I have a liability umbrella policy which requires landlord policy underneath.

Call Kurt Kelley at Mobile Insurance. He’s the guy almost everyone uses on mobile homes and mobile home parks. I’m sure he ca answer your questions instantly.