Lets Partner in Ohio

Are you a buyer of Mobile Home Parks? Are you tired of outsourcing all the work? Would you like a partner to help you out? Well here we are!

We are looking for a Financial Partner to help our company enter the market of park ownership, we are only seeking parks in Ohio.

Who are we?
We own and operate Choice Group of Ohio we are a full service provider of transporting, installing, demolishing and rehabbing mobile homes, we also work to bring life to underperforming MHC needing help. We currently have 11 service agreements with different communities for our services and service a wide range of as needed accounts. Furthermore, we also own homes in several parks we operate in. We bring 30 years of combined experience.

Do you have to be active with us?
We wouldn’t require you to be active, you can remain a silent investor

Could we start with a small park?
Yes, we would prefer this option as we both have to build a lasting relationship on trust and accountability, we also are only interested in parks that have vacant lots and need help as that’s where our help comes from.

What’s in it for you?
We will build an agreement that returns your investment plus interest during the beginning and continue to draw your portion. We will build an agreement that all sides are confident in.


in interested
contact me

Hi, Please email me the opportunity. Nader@rmhemail.com

greenmhps@gmail.com okay

Please email me your contact info quinn.patrickj@gmail.com



  • Demand I: fill in two MHs
  • Demand II: fill in five MHs

You can email me at Richard@choicegroupllc.net