Legal determination of MH lot sizes

What documentation dictates the lot sizes? I’m a property amateur here so this question might be pretty basic. I’ve talked to some people doing analysis on the plat map and mentioning that the plats are much bigger than the pads. So perhaps the pads could be expanded or split for more homes. I’ve got a park where some of the lots are shorter than the rest so am curious what documentation proves the dimensions. I suspect that the owner back in the 70s poured some of the concrete for RVs and wanted to save moneys so created shorter pads. This park does not have any surveys on record but there is a plat map with MH pads (the MHs do not actually align with anything on the plat). I’m wondering if I can just pop in and say here are the property lines and pad locations to the county. The only records they would have are crude aerial photos going back a decade or two.

I’ve only ever heard of California requiring pinpoint locations of pads.  Here we drive a surveyor’s spike in the ground to denote exactly where the lot line is.  Elsewhere you’ll most likely be dealing with setback rules.  Exactly where the road is might not be defined.  You might be able to move the road a bit (or convince an inspector that the road was over paved onto the lawn) to make a lot deeper to accommodate a deeper home.The minimum usable depth is a lot that will accommodate a 46’-deep home.  That is the smallest 2BR/1BA on the market.  Don’t buy 1BR homes, they attract a rough crowd (unless you are purchasing a seniors park).A call to your state’s manufactured housing association would be in order, and/or to an attorney familiar with such matters.Good luck,-jl-

Thanks Jefferson