Legal Aide

I filed a 3 day eviction on a tenant for non payment and she has called Legal Aide who is calling wanting me to fax over all the paperwork on her. This woman is as bad as they get and rumors are that illegal things are going on over at her place. And her credit is so bad the park is paying her water and she reimburses the park for it.Do I need a lawyer. She told my manager we don’t want to take this to court.

At this point the non-paying tenant is running the show.      As a park owner when she has LEGAL AID you will be the one trying to prove you are the good guy.   It is smart wherever you have a manager having a LOCAL  legal advisor is important so you meet the cities requirements when required plus helping the manger not get into a legal tangel.

Anyone every had to deal with LEGAL AID, they want me to call them and are saying they don’t want this to go to court. Should I call and try and work it out or just find a lawyer and handle it. 

Your tenant is apparently indigent and has legal consul so make one wrong move and maybe she will be in your park for an extended time free.   We have not had an eviction in 15 years with over 200 spaces but we have legal counsel if we were in your situation.      We find that how you handle situations the NEWS TRAVELS FAST and just make sure the news is such that NO ONES believes you are Mr. Softy.    

Hire a good lawyer and let them quarterback it. You should be nothing but a spectator from here on out on this tenant.