Learning sources for newbie?

Which learning sources would you recommend for newbie? TIA.


Mobile home university.

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You need to be more specific. Learning sources for what category - mobile homes is a general topic.

If you are pertaining to a mobile homes accessories, specifically using rugs for interior design, I would recommend you to visit rug websites rich in helpful blogs and learning center like Cyrus Artisan Rugs. They are my trusted area rug dealer in Austin, TX.

Rugs is important in mobiles homes as it function in many ways: insulator, texture, color, design, etc.

Thank you so much for your reply. I was looking more sources to learn about MHP investing. How to get started, things to know etc. etc. etc.


Well you’re in the right place. Try searching this forum for “top” posts in various time periods and/or categories. Use the search function liberally and you can discover quite a lot just from serendipity.


You’re on the Mobile Home University site, so the resources of Mobile Home University are your starting point!

Thank you! Try to consume as much as I can…