Learning From Others

My Husband and I are firm believers in being Lifetime Learners.  We love to learn from others’ knowledge.Thus, a Big Thank You to everyone who shares their knowledge!  We greatly appreciate it!We purchased Frank & Dave’s CDs and we love listening to them.  We greatly desire to go to Frank & Dave’s Boot Camp.  However, finding the time with 3 little boys is the hard part :-).  We also have purchased other Mobile Home Park Investors’ CDs to gain some knowledge from their perspective.  Recently, my Husband purchased Steve Case & Corey Donaldson’s ‘The Ultimate BootCamp’ CDs.  We started listening to them on a long drive and have enjoyed them also.When I googled Steve Case, I found some information from 2008.However, I did not run across anything recent for Steve Case.  Perhaps, I was not searching correctly. Does anyone know how Steve Case and Corey Donaldson are doing?  Have they moved into another investment area?We hope that they are doing great.Thanks So Very Much!

Steve now focuses on self-storage, but still owns a few parks. Corey still owns a few parks also but, I have heard, is focusing on a wedding event center in California.The industry has changed a lot over the years, and people tend to go in different directions over time.Dave and I are probably an oddity for doing the same thing every day for almost 20 years, and continuing to do it until we die. So you’ll know where to find us, that’s for sure.

Frank, thanks so very much for the information!We are glad to hear that Steve and Corey are still doing well (just focusing on other investments).Frank, it is fantastic that you and Dave have been doing Mobile Home Parks for 20 years and will continue to do Mobile Home Parks into the future.We love all the Frank and Dave MHP Stories.My husband says ‘there is never a dull moment at the Mobile Home Park’ :-).