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Hello new people and old friends! Looks like I’m getting back into the park biz! I finally got another park under contract! I sold my first park back in 2012. Been keeping my eyes open since then but haven’t tried real hard to find something. But recently I did come across what looks like a great deal and after some way too lengthy negotiations it’s finally under contract.So my question is what the latest in training? I have the bootcamp stuff from 5 years ago.  I’m especially interested in a refresher on due diligence. My last park I had an experienced partner. This time I’m on my own. Thanks! I look forward to being active on the forums again!Tyler

Tyler,Come to the Boot Camp in Chicago on June 5th, or the one after in Seattle on July 10th. Returning Boot Campers are always welcomed!We’ve got a lot of new content to show you, and would be happy to get you back up to speed. 

Tyler -F&D generally allow you to return to Bootcamp for free or $250.  So do that.  Also be sure to (re-)read '30 Days of Due Diligence.'To your continued success,-jl-P.S. What ever prompted you to sell a perfectly good MHP?!?

Frank I just might do that! I feel so out of touch it would be good.Have you updated the 30 days of DD book? If so I’d love to buy a copy.

Jefferson,I sold my last park because my partner gave me a fair price on it and it was time to move on. I only owned 20% of it and while it was a really good learning opportunity it was better to take my equity and move on to something else. I’ve been busy with other projects and looking at parks as I see them and finally found what I hope to be a winner. Gotta dig in and get the DD going now though.

Tyler,The DD book has remained relatively the same but we have updated the look. We have done some big updates to the home study course since you last attended.Let me know if you need anything!

Brandon, How do I get the updates on the home study course?

@kahart give me a call to discuss. 855-879-2738.