Las Vegas Boot Camp / April 2015

Hello,Looking to find out some information about the Boot Camp in Las Vegas, i.e. hours for each day and location.  Any information is appreciated - thanks!(FYI I called the 855 number a few different times today but no one answered)

The Las Vegas Boot Camp is Friday April 10th through Sunday, April 12th. It starts at 9 AM each day and runs to around 6 PM. However, there is an optional evening session on Friday and Saturday that starts around 7:30 PM and goes to around 9 PM. At the optional sessions we do live deal evaluations straight off, as well as look at videos of parks we own to demonstrate the range of what parks can look like and discuss the turnaround strategy on each. We always end at 5 on Sunday to allow people to make their flights on time.

I forgot to add that the reason you could not reach Brandon today is that he is flying back from the South bySouthwest technology convention in Austin, where he goes to learn new cool park technology things to show you at Boot Camp.

Hi @adjocab and @frankrolfe, I’m attending the boot camp in Vegas and looking for someone who is interested in room sharing at Paris Las Vegas.If you hear of anyone looking please contact me.Thanks!