Large park closing due to sewage plant problems - anyone want to broker a deal?

There is a massive park not too far from me that is closing due to a sewage treatment plant problem.

If anyone wants to look into the details I am guessing someone with some knowhow could salvage the situation and get a good turn around.

The owners are highly motivated to sell so I think you will get a really great deal if the numbers work out.

I was driving through the park today looking for lonnie deals and noticed it was still about 40% full. I believe it is about 350-400 lots.

The story says the sewage plant would cost 1.5 million to fix and 100K a year to maintain. I am guessing there might be another way.

Actually if you did put in a plant at 1.5 mil and paid 100K a year, you would still have a nice profit if you bought the park for a song and filled it up.

If it works out you can send me a bird dog fee!