Landlord Friendly States

We are involved in the park business over 35 and started with a mix of MH and RV’s from the start. For the above stated issues we are basically into RV parks only unless a super good deal with the following happens, no vacancies, all TOH’s, no lagoons, no floodplain, and in a park we would like in ourselves (wells and septic ok) but check carefully. Our RV parks tenants bring in new (yesterday a Tiffion $200,000 unit) and 2012 OR NEWER rigs. We stay full----people are on the move and in some ways MH parks are???
Just look at the listing like in Indiana half empty, park owned homes and would you put your family in some of those parks or location. It is time as park owner that our properties are beautiful, safe, and care about your tenants—visit your tenants–see what are important changes to them. How many parks does one need to own—the ones that started this revolution where important people in a community that helped their tenants—is that still possible—our residents are important people—if there a problem remove them.