Lagoon parks maintenance

I know a lot of people stay away from lagoon parks and prefer city sewage. But does anybody own a lagoon park that can share their experience? Expenses, maintenance, and etc? Would you buy a lagoon park again?


I currently own 3 parks all on lagoons. I’ve owned these parks for 2 years. We keep them maintained and we stay on top of them. The state these are in has no problems with lagoons and the large majority of parks are on lagoons. In my opinion public utilities are always the best but having a lagoon and private water has not been a problem for me. My 3 parks consist of 219 spaces. Hope this helps.


@LouisianaMan I am looking at an add-on development opportunity for a park in NC - which would require augmenting the current lagoon system - and would love 10mins of your time to ask you some questions. I am just looking to get as knowledgeable as possible about the potential up front investment and ongoing maintenance and any other operating expenses. Can I contact you directly?

Had a park under contract and ran into numerous problems with DEP when trying to transfer. Owner made $30,000 in repairs which took about a year to get done and still had issues. If a total rebuild was needed we were quoted about 100k on a 50 unit park. I would stay away from parks like this!