Kansas City Area Forum Members

Are there any members here on the forums from the Kansas City Metro area?

We host the local REIA group here and Corey Donaldson from this web site will be in Kansas City - Overland Park actually - to speak at our group on the 11th.

We will actually be talking about self storage units, but I know Corey will be around before the presentation and might be able to answer some questions about Mobile Homes and the Mobile Home Millions event.

See our site at www.MAREInet.com and click on General Meeting for more info!


I am looking forward to seeing you next week! This will be my first time in Kansas City!

You definitely have a great club and some very talented members. One name that many people on this forum will recognize is Ruben Flores. Ruben is definitely a great person and very talented when it comes to real estate and mobile home investing!

I hope to see some of our MHU Kansas City members at your real estate club meeting on Tuesday, March 11th!



You’re absolutely right - Ruben is a sharp guy!

When Ruben and I heard you were coming to KC to speak at the local RE group we wanted to get ahold of you beforehand to see what your itinerary is while you’re in town. If you have time before or after the event we’d like to invite you to get together. In fact, there are several of us are getting together right after the meeting to have dinner. You’re invited, of course. :smiley:

Give me a call and we’ll see if something will work.

Talk Soon,



Hey Michael,

Kim said you and Ruben were speading the good word about mobile homes and mobile home parks at the MAREI monthly meeting late 2007. I look forward to seeing you both in Kansas City. I should be coming in a little early on Tuesday so hopefully we can spend a little time before the meeting.

I look forward to seeing you both at Mobile Home Millions 6 in Austin as well!


I just got done speaking to the Kansas City, MO real estate club. Thank you Kim and Don for the invitation. This is really one super dynamic real estate club! If you are around the Kansas City area this club is a must attend!

I have finally met the infamous dream team of Ruben, Mike and Mike all at one time! Super sharp guys and love to talk shop talk! It is a matter of time before they all have mobile home parks!



Everyone loved your presentation and we found a bunch of new friends to add the association here in KC. I think we found several of the people from the local selfstorage association that want to become involved in our group!!

Can’t wait till I have a few days free to sit down and go through your training materials!!

Kim in KC


I’m glad you could make it to our neck of the woods. You even made it to the correct Kansas City. (KC, MO vs KC, KS) HaHa!

I think you raised a lot of interest within the group. Ruben and I spoke a few months ago on mobile homes and have received quite a few follow-up inquiries since then. Before you know it, we’ll have the group converted over to LD’s, MHP’s & SS!

Thanks so much for your time and look forward to seeing you again soon.




It was great meeting you. I had never thought about SS until last night. I look forward to learning more about the business. Lonnie Deals have been very good to me, but it is time to expand. I look forward to attending some of your future training sessions, but I am sorry I can not attend MHM6. I am sure it will be great.

Mike in KC