Just got my confirmation number

at Hotel for MHM. I am sooooo excited. Still catching up on my sleep from MOM and already booking another Meet. I must want to learn this business or something LOL.

I have been to these events before and they are the real deal. They use actual roll up video screens instead of wood frames and a sheet of rubber!!

My friends Steve Wiltz and Steve Case are bringing their entire families to this event! How cool is that? a business an entire family can enjoy and be part of.

Corey and Steve have honored me by asking that I do a L/H round table discussion and I will bring 5-6 files for perusal (darn Scrabble ).

Get reservations early, special pricing ends tomorrow and I am very proud I did not wait to the last minute ( i just waited til the next to the last minute).


found me a round trip ticket from orland to san diego for under 250 including taxes!!! WOW!!!

See ya all there,



I can’t wait to see you in San Diego. I am glad that you got your hotel room. We got a room block of 150 and there are only about 20 rooms left. I am working with the hotel to see if there are any additional rooms but it is not looking good. They told me that no additional rooms were available but I am going to keep pushing the issue. Afterall there will be 500 people at MHM 5 so I am hoping that they can do something for us.


I figure for 500 you will need at least 300 rooms!!! WOW!! Do they have a "sister " Marriot near there? Large events I know they will sometimes offer free shuttle service between Hotels (theres to theres of course).

This is so cool. My wife could NOT believe there were 100+ people interested in mobile homes enough to come to MOM. 500 for MHM would shake the wise woman!LOL

And Corey that really is a small city…my home and lot is in a city under 800.