Just another day at Wheat Hill:-)

I come back from McD (crap food but free WiFi) and see a sheriff’s car outside the park. Hmm I think, I’m not evicting anyone so what are they doing here? As I turn into the driveway I see 4 big, black SUVs with darkened windows in the middle of the road. Who are these people and how can they be so rude to block the road like that? I simply must tell them to move out of the way. I squeeze up alongside one of the SUVs that has the driver’s window open and lo and behold, I see lots of guys wearing bullet-proof vests, holding M-16s and pistols in their hands! Oh, and they all have “US MARSHALL” emblazoned on their vests. Wonder what this is all about I think. “Hi”, I say to the guy behind the wheel, “I’m the owner. What’s up?” He says their looking for a certain home/resident and tells me the directions they were given. Ah, sweet relief mixed with an urge to laugh at the humor in this situation: They’re in the WRONG park! Turns out they’ve been driving around for half an hour looking for this place and mine was the first park they came across. I give them the correct directions, wish them luck and off they go on their merry way.


Wheat Hill