Is this self dealing? A prohibited Roth IRA transaction?

I’m making up this example:

  1. Owner of a 50 pad MHP is willing to lease option to me with a 5 year term.

  2. NOI is $100,000; 75% occupied

  3. Monthly lease payment to him is $5000 (includes tax & ins.)

  4. I net @ $3300. per mo.

  5. My IRA paid $2000 for option consideration

6)Purchase price 1M

At close to year 5, my IRA exercises the option and sells it to someone for 1.2M

My questions…

My IRA gets to put the 200K into the IRA with no taxes ever due on that profit, right?


Is it ok that I personally leased the property making 3300 a month and my IRA purchased the option? Is this self dealing?