Is this discriminatory?

Getting too many calls asking if we accept various subsidies like section 8, etc.

Can I put in my ad that we do not accept section 8, etc.? We are of course steering everyone to rent credit programs which wouldn’t qualify with subsidies anyway.

Is this considered housing discrimination if I put in the ad that we do not accept section 8 or any other subsidies?

Being on Section 8 (or not) is not a protected class. A potential resident’s status with Section 8 is a legitimate criteria for residency in your park. Further, if you are only doing RTO, then that precludes Section 8. The government wishes to perpetuate a cycle of dependency, and won’t allow Section 8 participants to use their vouchers to purchase a home. The government locks them into renting forever, and you are only RTO-ing your homes, and never the twain shall meet.

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Section 8 has a program that provides Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) for Manufactured Home Space Rentals. Google form HUD-52642 for the details regarding the program. The program subsidizes the space rental, not the purchase of a home.

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Thank you. So I can put in my ads that we do not accept sect 8 without fear of a lawsuit, correct?

Coach62 -

That is my understanding, yes. I’m not an attorney. I’m just a guy on the Forum. :wink:

But why mention not accepting Section 8 at all in your ads? Your ads can just say ‘rent to own’ and that will weed-out S8 folks. If/when a S8 person calls, you can just explain to them that their program locks them into renting and does not allow ownership, and all that you do are ownership deals.



Just trying to cut down on the “junk” calls. I’ve been running the ads as “rent or rent to own”. Most of the calls are to rent then we flip them to rent credit when they show up.

I take it your ads don’t mention just renting? I was trying to follow the Frank method and believe that’s how he does it.