I have about 100 lots with about 50 on RTO agreements and the rest are tenant owned. We lost our previous manager, and based on all the great ideas/advice of this forum, have re-structured/scaled-down the duties and now found a tenant who lives in the park who will be taking on the role of GREETER. His duties will mainly focus on filling homes and being the eyes and ears of the park. Still, all of the tenants (as well as utility people and police) will think of him as the manager so I need to send everyone a letter telling them this new guy will be taking on the park operations; he will most likely now end up with the phone calls and drop ins.

What have others done to introduce the change from manager to greeter? What do you suggest be included in the letter? Do you just call him manager while his duties are one of a greeter?

I’d say just send out a letter explaining the new guy is the new ‘manager.’ I’m sure your main phone number will remain unchanged; you can just tell folks to call the same number if there are problems to report. Don’t over-think this relatively simple transition.


Thanks Jefferson. Calling him the new manager will be easier for everyone to grasp. And you are correct in that his cell phone will have the same number used by the previous manager.

Yes, just to call it out - as property owner, you must always control your phone number.

You can accomplish this by providing the physical phone as you have done, or by using a virtual PBX like Grasshopper or RingCentral. Those services give callers a chance to ‘press 1 for directions’ or ‘press 2 to be connected to our on-site manager’ etc. We like this solution better than providing a physical phone. The vPBX system then forwards the appropriate extension to your manager’s cell phone - which they pay for, but nobody has that number. Everyone calls in on the number you own.