Is condemned building check on the due diligence list

Have an apartment and the tenants tell me it was condemned years ago. I dont think it is, but more curious if this is the on DD sheet because I did not see it.

Is this one single apartment in a MHP? Has it been occupied? What kind of shape is it in? Call the building department to see what the story is.

What DD sheet? If you can’t find it, it is most likely not there.

If it was truly condemned then why are they living there?

Usually, if a building is condemned the Building department will lock it up and board it up. If someone started to live there then the building inspector would stop by and tell them to leave immediately for health and safety reasons.

Seems like a rouse to me.

Call the Building department and get the whole story.

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Thanks guys.

Its a small multi-unit apt in a MHP.


Yeah, the whole thing sounded a little weird to me, but my manager said they heard it from multiple tenants. I talked with the city and they knew nothing about it, so its all good. Just wondered if it ever happened to other investors, but if you are right, then obviously not. This came up when I learned the roof was collapsing just months after we closed on a park, so the whole thing is fishy anyways.

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